Makeup of the Day | Dental Work, Travel and Starting a YouTube Channel.

Hi guys, I know It’s been a minute but ya girl was going through it with dental work. If I haven’t told ya’ll already, I am having dental reconstruction done on my front teeth. I will have a whole long post detailing all that. I am about half way finished with it and the recovery was a bit more … shitty than I expected. I looked pretty beat up for a week and then had to have more done last week. I am getting a break to heal until the 18th and then two more teeth get prepped and temp caps put on and I get color matched for my permanent crowns. I am doing at home whitening in the mean time.

Aside from that, I was feeling pretty sick. I got a cold during all that to top it off. But all is better now and I was finally able to get back into playing with makeup so I will have a new tutorial going up Friday. I wanted to go ahead and post this first to explain my situation.

We also took a weekend trip to Shreveport, LA for a friends birthday so I have just been a busy girl, and tired. I still haven’t unpacked. I want to make a little video of what I packed as far as makeup goes to share.

Anyway. before I get into makeup I want to tell ya’ll. I did start a YouTube Channel. I’m not making any promises on good content but I am going to give it a try. I went ahead and threw together a little vlog of last weekend. Nothing much, I was mostly doing it to experiment and practice so I am hoping to have better content as I go.

I’m going to put the video here as it ties into my blog post.

I didn’t want to start doing this until I was done with my teeth stuff and I was just practicing with IG stories… Well, I got a wild hair this afternoon and did this. You got to start somewhere and just go for it.

Thank you everyone who encouraged me to try this! It’s a big step for me. I don’t know why it was so scary to me but it was. Now that I have made a video and it’s out there. I feel just brave and proud of myself for overcoming a fear.

But yeah, we went to Shreveport to visit friends and got a hotel room for the weekend which was just lovely. We had lunch at Olive Garden cause I am on a soft foods diet still. I very gingerly ate at Whataburger and I felt it the next day but we don’t have one in Alexandria so I had to.

We also don’t have a Volvo dealership so we went a test drove the XC40 from Volvo which will be our next car. That thing is amazing. We spent the evening at the mall walking around to kill time. I hit up a hella sale at Forever 21 and got a velvet cold shoulder hoodie for $2 and a pair of black satin creepers for $4. Heeelll yeah. Ross also got some much needed new shoes. We ate IHOP for dinner cause again, I had to have soft food and pancakes it was for me then headed over to our friends to play video games and hang out for a bit.

We went out the next night and had a few drinks then ate the best Mexican food I ever had the next day and headed back home. Nothing too exciting but it was fun.

Now for some makeup.

So, I got my claws on the Rivera palette.

And I do the most boring look with it right out the gate. This was before my first procedure. I oddly miss my old teeth right now but I think it’s because I have temp ones that are like my old ones but different.

I honestly can’t remember what lippie I used with this look. I want to say it was Stila Stay All Day in Ricco topped with a gloss. And of course Rivera on the eyes.

This look I did a couple weeks ago but just now got around to posting while I was under the weather. I used the Morphe Boss Mood Palette on the eyes paired with Nyx Glitter Goals. On the lips is Pat McGrath Matte Trance in Flesh 3 topped with a gloss.

Next up is a more fun look with the Rivera.

I LOVE this look. It’s the ABH Rivera on the eyes paired with the Moonchild Glow Kit. On the lips is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Baci with highlighter patted over top.

Coming up, Friday I will have a tutorial for a look using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Palette.

I did mean to get that Get the Look up on Monday but the best laid plans… I was exhausted after the weekend and all I wanted to do was eat and sleep.

But yeah, that is all for today. I hope you guys check out my YouTube video and subscribe. Better things are to come! And don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Twitter because ya girl been chatting up a storm on there.

PS. I know I have a strong country accent. LOL! I have a southern gothic charm.

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