Get the Look | Oceans of Time – Makeup Tutorial Feat. Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Palette.

Hello! It’s tutorial day! Today’s look is using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Palette. I was going for something pretty and with some Spring vibes. Ya’ll know I have been going through it lately so on a day I was feeling better, I just set down at 2 am and did this look.

So if you what to see how I created this metallic blue Spring time look, just keep reading below.

That star of this look is definitely the shade Seychelles from the Rivera palette. This really isn’t a shade I would normally use but something about it pulled me in.

First thing shade I went in with was Sails, a matte white just under the brow bone to highlight.

I am also starting out with my brows done and eyes primed with concealer and set with translucent powder.

Moving on to the transition

I took the shade called Estate on a large fluffy brush.

Estate went into the crease and transition area blended up and into the white eyeshadow. I took this shade pretty high up.

To start adding some depth into the crease I went in with the shade Coastline on a smaller blending brush.

I blended Coastline into the crease and into Estate, creating a soft gradient.

To bring in more depth to the outer corner of the lid and into the crease, I took the shade Palm of a small blending brush.

I kept this Palm mainly focused on the outer corner but blended over into the crease softly. This is a pretty look right here actually, just throw of some mascara.

Now for the star of the show. Seychelles. I have no idea how to pronounce that one! LOL. Anyway, it’s a stunning metallic ocean blue.

On a flat brush, I applied Seychelles on to the lid up to the crease.

I went back in with Palm to marry the two shades together.

Next, I took this crazy bright yellow gold called Inheritance on an damp angled liner brush.

I ran this shade on the damp brush from the outer corner up and around the crease about a quarter of the way hugging the lid shade.

Now for some winged out flicky liner. I used the Wet n Wild Pro line Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen for this. I gotta say, it’s a great liquid liner. That was one of the easiest wings.

On to the lower lash line. I went ahead and finished up my face makeup before this part.

I first went in with Estate on a flat brush and blended the soft peach shade pretty far out.

Then in with Coastline just a bit closer to the lash line on a pencil brush.

And Palm, the matte brown on a pencil brush in outer corner, joining up with the upper lash line.

For the inner corner, I took the bright gold on the damp liner brush once again and just pulled it along about a quarter of the way in fairly close to the lash line.

I completed the liner up by tight lining the lower lash line and inner corner, bringing it down to a point.

After a couple coats of mascara, that’s the finished eye.

This was a pretty easy eye look to do but is also striking because of the blue and gold.

I paired this eye look with a peachy nude lip. This is Jane Iredale Moisturizing Lipstick in Molly topped with a gloss.

And here is the finished look.

I went with a peachy blush to tie into the eyes and lips and a champagne highlight.

That’s it for this look. Pretty quick and easy and perfect for this time of the year. I was needing a look like this to brighten my mood. Stay tuned for Friday, I will have a full review of the Rivera palette going up!

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