Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Palette Review + Looks.

Happy Friday!!! Today, I have a review of the new Rivera palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills plus looks I have done using it. This normally isn’t a palette I would be drawn to at first glance. I’m not one for nautical themes BUT the color story is … well, a different story and something pretty different from ABH.

Let’s take a look at this packaging first.

I am so so so glad ABH moved away from the velvet covered palettes for once. I think they did with Sultry as well but I didn’t pick that one up.

With Rivera you can tell they went for a very luxe nautical them. The outer packaging is like a thick canvas material which reminds me of boat shoes but it is probably meant to be like sails on a boat. And of course you have a sailor strip pattern of navy blue and white which isn’t my favorite. It reminds me of a relative, she always wore nautical themed stuff when I was little, but that is neither here nor there.

I so like the font which is done in a metallic gold giving it that luxury rich AF vibe.

Now for the goods! The eyeshadow shades. Look at all the color!

Inside you have a range of vibrant near neon pressed pigments and bold metallics along with some great more neutral mattes to balance out at look. You really can get a variety of looks out of this palette which isn’t always the case with ABH palettes.

The quality of the shadows is stunning as you would expect from ABH. I haven’t a single complaint about any of them.

The mattes blend like a dream and the metallics are vibrantly foiled and nuanced.

Here’s a closer look at all 14 shades.

First up is Estate, a matte soft pastel peachy pink. This is one of those shades that is perfect for the transition as well as a base shade depending on your skin tone.

Then you have Cabana which is a matte muted birch mustard. I very unique shade. Also great as a transition.

Coastline is a matte pastel soft peach, a favorite of mine for the crease.

Bahamas is a matte bright bold candy hot pink pressed pigment. This shade is incredibly pigmented and vibrant. Be warned, it will stain you skin as will most pressed pigments.

Monte Carlo is a matte cool mid-tone pink which seems dull next to Bahamas but she has her place and is one of my favorite shades in the palette.

Cannes is a matte bright violet purple pressed pigment that is insanely good. It blends nicely and stays bright. This shade will also stain so be careful.

Palm is a matte chocolate brown pressed pigment. This shade is really interesting, it looks like a typical warm brown but it has an almost plum undertone when used on the eye.

Mediterranean is described as a metallic sky blue. This is a complex shade. it’s not just a metallic blue, there are hints of lavender shift and sparkle in there.

Inheritance is a metallic true gold.

Seaside is one the most interesting shades. Described as a duo chrome silver with subtle blue shift. I feel like there is also a hint of lavender in there as well. Sadly, this shade doesn’t translate well in photos. In person, it is gorgeous.

Palermo is a metallic jewel pink that can pull either warm or cool depending on lighting and what shades you pair with it. Again a very nuanced shadow.

Seychelles a metallic aqua marine is incredible to work with and just look at. Like Palermo, it’s more than just a metallic, there are hints of something else in there. I find there is a very soft golden shift in some lights. Despite being a cool shade, there is a sunny warmth to it.

Yacht (Duo Chrome mauvy taupe with a violet shift)

Yacht is a really cool duo chrome effect, described as a mauvy taupe with a violet shift. This shade is so smooth and creamy and very unique.

And lastly is Sails, a very very pigmented pure matte white.

I mean, this palette just screams fun. I have really enjoyed using it and loved every look I have done with it.

Over all, I can’t say enough good things about it. I can’t believe I was going to pass on picking this one up just because of the the theme. . I am so glad I did get it.

Here are a few of the looks I have created with the Rivera.

Get the Look | Oceans of Time – Makeup Tutorial.

Get the Look | Genesis – Makeup Tutorial

But yeah, this palette is pretty damn great and I look forward to what palette ABH drops next.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera retails for $45 for 14 shades.

Do have this palette? Show me your looks on twitter or IG and I’ll retweet and share your post!

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