Makeup of the Day |2 Vlogs, One Trip. Filming, Dental Work Again, a Vacation to Dallas, and No Actual Makeup.

Yep, no actual makeup looks to share this week but I did have quite a busy one. I did a ton of filming for content coming up this week and more the next. I had even more dental work done too.

The most exciting thing is that we went on vacation to Dallas for the weekend. I actually vlogged a good chuck of the week and the trip which I divided into a two parter because it would have been way too long.

I am still working on my filming and editing skills but I hope these are improved.

A lot of fun was had in Dallas, we sang karaoke, explored Korea town and visited a spa and water park. Also did some drinking and had a hella hangover.

I know today’s post is short and sweet but I have been editing this footage all day and I also had another root canal this morning, not to mention I am exhausted from traveling. Don’t worry better posts are coming this week.

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Anna Bankester, author of Bee Beauty is a 30 something, freelance Makeup Artist, and Beauty Blogger in Louisiana with a Southern Gothic flair. She has a background in fine arts and writing but her true passion is makeup and coffee.... and bees

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