Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Palette Review + Looks.

I just added a video review and new tutorial using the Rivera Palette on my YouTube. Video is in the post!

Anna Bankester Beauty

Happy Friday!!! Today, I have a review of the new Rivera palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills plus looks I have done using it. This normally isn’t a palette I would be drawn to at first glance. I’m not one for nautical themes BUT the color story is … well, a different story and something pretty different from ABH.

Let’s take a look at this packaging first.

I am so so so glad ABH moved away from the velvet covered palettes for once. I think they did with Sultry as well but I didn’t pick that one up.

With Rivera you can tell they went for a very luxe nautical them. The outer packaging is like a thick canvas material which reminds me of boat shoes but it is probably meant to be like sails on a boat. And of course you have a sailor strip pattern of navy blue and…

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