Vlog #11 | Water Leaks. Mini Home Tour. Food. Friends. Dead Malls. Pumpkin. MOTDs. OOTDs.

We hit a milestone over on the YouTubes! 100 Subs!

This week was full of ups and downs. From deep talk and deep thoughts to water leaks. Thankfully, the week ended on a high with good food, shopping and exploring a local dead mall with great friends.

Seriously, so much food and cake.

Also in this video, I show you a mini tour of my living room and kitchen, plus things I like to collect.

Here are a few MOTD’s. I was really into the Norvina Palette.

This look was done using the Norvina palette from ABH.

And more Norvina love.

I was having a moment with that palette. I forgot just how much I loved it.

I also did this look revisiting the Kat Von D Fetish Palette.

Okay and here are a couple OOTD’s, more are in the video.

And lastly is some Pumpkin.

That sweet baby was enjoying some cuddles with her Hoomie and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. Laserblast to be exact.

2 Replies to “Vlog #11 | Water Leaks. Mini Home Tour. Food. Friends. Dead Malls. Pumpkin. MOTDs. OOTDs.”

  1. Hi Anna, I’m just wondering if you have an alternative email where I could reach you? The email I just sent you bounced back, but I would love to hear if you’re open to collab? If so, feel free to write directly to me at olivia@blogerize.com. Thanks! 🙂


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