Cthulhu Calls | Makeup Tutorial Inspired by The Cthulhu Mythos. A Collaboration.

It’s tutorial time! I’m trying to type with one missing nail, it’s not going so well. Anyway, today I have a very special post done in collaboration with two lovely ladies; Kara of The Book and Beauty Blog and Erin Talamantes.

Our ideas was to do a post with with a look inspired by a favorite book. I went with The Cthulhu Mythos because this colors of the book cover are insanely gorgeous.

Beyond the book’s aesthetics, H.P. Lovecraft, especially Call of Cthulhu have a very special place in my heart. I read Call of Cthulhu shortly after my mom died. Something about the cosmic horror and this idea if something so big and unfathomable appealed to me. The books weren’t emotional which I really loved. I got lost in the world of Cthulhu, maybe because I felt like an artist who was going mad at the time or it was something more. I sailed ships to lost lands, wandered the streets of Innsmouth, explored ancient tombs of the Elder Gods, studied at Miskatonic University and found a way to calm my screaming brain within the chaos.

Alright, let’s get into this look.

For this phantom green makeup look I used two palettes, both from Huda Beauty. The Neon Obsession Palette in Green and The Emerald Obsession Palette.

I started this look with a primed eye using a concealer and brows done as usual but I didn’t set the lid with powder.

I wanted to have control over the shadows and thier placement, keeping the lid tacky helps as well as using small brushes. I used the Morphe M562 for most of this look.

First up, I went into this vibrant matte cool green from the Emerald Obsessions palette .

This went into the crease and transition area on a small fluffy brush.

It looks like … a lot, I know.

To soften the edges, I went in with the palest matte green from the Neon Obsessions on the Morphe M562.

This shade went around the edges and to the brow bone to soften the bright seafoam shade.

This just gives a nice blur to the edges and helps with the blend.

Next, with the neon matte green from the Neon Obsessions on the Morphe M562, I went in between the seafoam and the softest pale green to create a gradient.

At this point I did some back and forth between the matte neon and matte seafoam to get the right blend. Don’t worry, things will get better, I know it looks messy.

Next, I cute the crease using my concealer. I went pretty high above my natural crease and pulled it up in a wing shape toward the tail of the brow.

Now for the fancy stuff, I took a combination of the metallic chartreuse from the Emerald and metallic green gold from the Neon Obsession and I traced where the concealer met with the eyeshadow with as detail brush.

Next, a carefully filled in the lid with the shimmery blackened green shade, making sure to leave the a line of the chartreuse metallic shade between it and the matte green.

I wanted this to have a swooping flowing effect like tentacles.

And now for some black winged liner, then I cleaned up the fall out and the sharpened the edges with makeup remover on a q-tip.

On to the lower lash line.

I went a head and did my face makeup by the way.

To tie into the book cover’s background, I took the dirty olive shade from the Emerald Obsessions and ran it along the lower lash line.

I joined the dirty olive up to the outer corner and into the upper lid eyeshadow.

Next, I took more of the chartreuse shade and hit the inner portion of the lower lash line flowing into the olive shade.

On to the inner corner highlight. I used this duo-chromatic white from the Neon Obsession palette. This shade appears white but had a blue green shift with iridescent green glitters.

I really packed this shade onto the inner corner.

I finished up with some very cat like eyeliner in the upper and lower lash line and mascara.

The Finished Eye

The Finished Look.

I went with a matte browny neutral lip to finish off the look and keep it kind of dark and moody. This is Covergirl Melting Pout Matte in Paradise Lost.

For the cheeks, I kept the blush neutral with Sophisticated Sable from Covergirl and to tie into the deep sea green nightmare, I went in with Anastasia Bevery Hills Moonchild Glow Kit in Lucky Clover.

And we are done! Be sure to check out Erin’s Youtube and her Social Media linked below and Kara’s wonderful blog and Social Media. These are two of the kindest ladies on the beauty and book community so give them some love.

The Book and Beauty Blog | Kara on Twitter | Kara on Instagram

Erin’s YouTube | Erin’s Twitter | Erin’s Instagram

Question, I read constantly but never talk about it. Should I start sharing what I am reading?

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