Lust or Bust | Holiday 2019 Beauty Launches pt.3 – Pat McGrath Labs. Melt Cosmetics. Huda Beauty.

Hello and welcome back. Today I have the 3rd edition of my Lust of Bust Series for 2019. In this post we are going to talk all about the new releases from Pat McGrath Labs, Melt Cosmetics and Huda Beauty. Like with all these posts, I am not going to talk about every single product but rather, the products that catch my eye and peak my interest for better or worst.

Let’s get started.

Starting with Aunty Pat, she had 4 of her best selling lipstick in limited edition packaging for Holiday 2019. I personally own Omi and Flesh 3 which are so beautiful and the formula is perfection. If you are a die hard Pat Mcgrath fan or know someone who is then these are a perfect gift.

Tempt and tantalize with Mother’s award-winning matte lipstick in legendary hues encased in brilliantly baroque collectible bullets.

From Pat Mcgrath Labs

There are also additional shades in the limited edition packaging on the Pat McGrath Labs website Here and Here


  • Flesh 3 (Deep Rose)
  • Christy (Divine Beige Peach)
  • Deep Orchid (Plum Berry)
  • 1995 (Warm Light Nude)
  • Omi (Mid-tone Rose)
  • Guinevere (Blooded Crimson)

Next up are the eyeshadow quads retailing for $65. Above are Nocturnal Nirvana and Iconic Illumination and pictured below is a exclusive quad.

Nocturnal Nirvana

This eyeshadow quad of luxe jewel tones adorns eyes with vivid flashes of turquoise, rich purple, duochrome emerald and a diamond sparkle white gold.

Pat Mcgrath Labs.

Iconic Illumination

This eyeshadow quad of incendiary metallics ignites artistry and sets eyes ablaze with flashes of burnished bronze, gleaming golds and a fiery bordeaux.

Pat Mcgrath Labs.

Ritualistic Rose

This eyeshadow quad of mesmerising hues induces artistry and glorifies eyes with sparkling flashes of gleaming gold, molten bronze and radiant roses. 

Pat Mcgrath Labs.

Along with these quads are a number of gift sets like the one above where you get everything for $345

EXCLUSIVELY AT PATMcGRATH.COM – Conjure extravagance to the extreme with a cult-covetable collection for eyes and lips starring three Mothership Blitz Astral Quads and six MatteTrance Lipsticks arrayed in luxe Limited Edition packaging. 

Inspired by lascivious luxury and ritualistic excess, the Everything Kit embodies captivating colours and tantalising textures, ranging from hypnotic jewel tones (Nocturnal Nirvana) to blooming vibrant hues (Ritualistic Rose) to major metallic shine (Iconic Illumination).  

Embellish your eyes with the high pick-up and opulent payoff of each Quad’s exquisite array of formulations and finishes. provoke your pout with the mesmerising matte lip luxury of iconoclassic lipstick pairs from the award-winning MatteTrance collection. USE WITHOUT CAUTION.

Pat Mcgrath Labs.

This set is what dreams are made of and I am in love.

Other sets include:


Contains all 3 quads.


Contains one eyeshadow quad and two lipsticks.


Moving away from eyeshadow for a moment. The Chromaluxe Hi-Lite Creams are a new product in two shades, Pale Gold 002 and Astral Blue Star. I personally am not that into these but I wanted to go ahead and include them since they are part of the holiday launch.

This gel-cream highlighter shines with radiant glittering effects for the eyes and face, available in sparkling gold and brilliant blue iridescence.

Pearlescent pigments create multidimensional shine with a smooth texture that’s exceptionally adhesive and applies effortlessly with the finger or a brush. This glittering full coverage cream stays in place for lasting wear and high-impact diamond sparkle intensity.

Pat Mcgrath Labs.

Back to some more lip products, I thought these sets were really interesting. These are including the new Lip Fetish Balm in Noir.


The iconic Lip Fetish Balm unleashes luminous hydration in two new noir-tinted hues presented in luxe Limited Edition matte black bullets. The ultimate secret weapon for lethally luscious lips now shines in an opulently opalescent Noir & a glittering Astral Blue Star. Decadent luminosity meets lush hydration in a legendary formulation infused with soothing emollients, antioxidants & vitamins that impart dewy divinity in a single swipe. 

Pat Mcgrath Labs.

Astral Blue Star (Glittering Iridescent Blue)

Noir (Sheer Ebony) 

You can get a duo of both shades for $70. I know that is a lot for a lip balm but damn, these are cool looking.

There are also the Astral Kiss Duo and Aliengelic Noir Duo

I really dig the Aliengelic Noir Duo myself.

Back to eyeshadow, we the Eye Ecstasy Eyeshadow Palette for $28 which is a sampling of some of her individual shadows available in two colorways. This is a great way to give her shadows a try.

A curated collection of five cult-classic shades unlock the secrets of McGrath’s backstage kit in hues and texture that apply in a single saturated swipe. These hybrid cream-infused powder formulations release infinitely smooth and extremely blendable pigments for seamless color transitions with unprecedented buildability. Fête your eyes with uninhibited colour that structures, designs and defines with incendiary flashes of pearl and dazzling effects.

Pat McGrath Labs.

Like everything from Pat, I need this too.

Next is the Mothership VI – Midnight Sun for $125. This one screams my name. These are the shades I live for right here. I mean, I would love to have all her palettes but this one I want most of all I think.

Ten richly pigmented shades and seven next-generation formulas highlight, line and define the eyes for endless luxury and unlimited looks. Elevate your artistry with captivating coppers, bold bronzes, covetable crimsons, glowing golds and venomous violets, mix and layer to create multidimensional effects. Each hue releases infinitely smooth and blendable pigments with uninhibited buildability.

Pat Mcgrath Labs

Lastly from Pat is the newest Mothership VII: Divine Rose. How stunning is she. This one is perfect for everyday. I need as well.

A potent provocation of lush floral shadows envelop the lids in a breathtaking bouquet of finishes. Vibrant golds, lascivious roses, peach provocateurs and exquisite bronzes captivate the eyes with next-level divinity, unprecedented blendability and unlimited multidimensional effects.

Pat McGrath Labs

I truly appreciate all the thought that goes into Pat’s products. Her whole aesthetic is everything I love and I enjoy seeing the inspiration behind the colors on her Instagram. She is one of my biggest beauty inspirations personally.

Next is this breathtaking collection from Melt Cosmetics. I have no words for how beautiful this is. I love the artwork and the story behind the collection.

Our most meaningful holiday collection yet! Amor Eterno is a colorful collection that celebrates the joy of life and the eternal bond you have with the ones you love even when they are no longer with you.

Melt Cosmetics.

You can get the whole collection for $295, a $400 value which includes: Vida Pressed Pigment Palette, Muerte Eyeshadow Palette, Iluminación Highlighter, Inmortal Gel Liner, Fortuna Gel Liner, Cultura Gel Liner, Santos Gel Liner, Monarca Liquid Set Lipstick, Mariachi Liquid Set Lipstick, Fiesta Liquid Set Lipstick. Brushes: 777 Cara, 818 Mezcla, 87 Transición, 517 Lápiz, 25 Precisión, 96 Línea, and Sarape Bag.

In this collection there are two stunning eyeshadow palettes. The Muerte and Vida Palettes for $58 respectively. I haven’t see such a unique color story. The Muerte Palette is insane. The sentiment behind these palettes is beautiful as well.

Vida Palette:

Pressed pigment palette honors life with rich tones of marigolds, fiery reds and warm neutrals, inspired by music and traditional food.

Melt Cosmetics

Muerte Palette.

Intense burgundies, plums, velvety greens and dazzling blues inspired by the night sky after a long cheerful fiesta commemorates loved ones that have passed.

Melt Cosmetics

Next, you have the Amor Eterno Gel Liner Set for $55 or individually for $19. That yellow mustard shade is calling my name and that green!

Gel liner set includes: Immortal Gel Liner, Fortuna Gel Liner, Cultura Gel Liner, Santos Gel Liner

And there is the most beautiful Digital Dust highlighter in the collection described as a Mystical iridescent pink opal for $39.00

There are 3 gorgeous liquid lipsticks in the shades Fiesta, Mariachi, and, Monarca. These can also be purchased separate for $19. The set is a great deal!

And, lastly for Melt there is the Amor Eterno Brush set for $80. These brushes have the most intricate design on them. You can also buy them separate and the bag alone. I would get the set.

Lastly, we have Huda Beauty with the stunning Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette. How pretty is this one. I need to see this one in person. I love Huda’s eyeshadows and this one is right up my alley. I think it will be beautiful for winter and spring. I love the theme behind this one as well.

Embark on a new journey through space with the HUDA BEAUTY Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette.

This palette will take you to infinity and beyond with 18 incredible galactic inspired colors and textures to deliver infinite possibilities.

Huda Beauty

And finally we have the Nude Obsession is 3 color stories. These are kind of boring to me personally but I think these would be great for someone looking for a go to daily palette.

The Nude Obsession Palettes retail for $29.

Introducing 3 universal mini eyeshadow palettes, each palette features 9 seductive variations of the sexiest nude shades designed to be worn by absolutely everyone.

It’s time for you to define nude for yourself! Available in 3 Nude color themes – Nude Light, Nude Medium & Nude Rich Obsessions

Huda Beauty

That’s all for this edition of Lust or Bust. More to come though. These posts are quite time consuming so I have been slow getting them out but I am working on it.

I’ll see ya’ll in the next one, stay spooky.

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