Update from My Hive. Where Have I Been?

Okay, so… Long story long…

The lamppost outside our home was struck by lightning which in turn fried my Alienware Area 51 which I use for editing, writing and just about everything. Along with the PC, the monitor, speakers, ring light and modem were also completely fried. The surge protector as well. This was, of course, a huge set back going into the new year and a delight for my 33rd Birthday.

There was a terrible storm that swept across the south and left a large amount of damage in its wake. We also had some roof damage. That being said, we were incredibly lucky as the homes around the corner from us were not. It’s like a sea of blue tarps where roofs were ripped up and trees fell on houses. This on the heels of a tornado that just ripped through the same area.

While I am personally lost without a computer as it’s basically an extension of my brain I do have a small laptop to work off of and my husband’s PC which survived I can edit on. If anything I will learn some time management from this. Anyway, after much drama with our internet provider, we finally have wifi once again and I can get back to work. There were some outside issues as well as the modem.

Surprisingly, I think I will be able to film okay for now without the ring light since I do have two soft boxes and I think they are doing a pretty good job. I will be testing that theory fully tomorrow with a makeup tutorial.

We have filed a claim with our home insurance and an adjuster will be out this week. Hopefully, everything will be covered.

I did manage to get a quick video up.

I will keep ya’ll posted.

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