Maybelline Snapscara Review

Maybelline Snapcara Mascara Review + Demo

Hello Guys and Ghouls, I know long time no real blog post other than pushing my youtube content. Well, I have an actual blog post. I also have it in my schedule to have a full blog post every Tuesday along with 3 videos a week over on my Youtube Channel. Now, let’s get to this review.

Today, I have a quick review and demo of the Maybelline Snapscara Mascara in Black Cherry. In the post, we will cover all the details of the formula and I have some before and after shot of the mascara’s performance.

The Claims

According to Maybelline this mascara “It’s not just mascara, it’s NEW Snapscara. Smooth, clump-free volume on and off in a snap. Not clumpy. Not flaky. Not tough to take off.” They go on to say, “Snapscara is our 1st pigmented wax-free mascara that features a zero-hassle, no clump formula that glides on smooth for clean volume and defined lashes all-day. This voluminous mascara is made without pigment-dulling waxes and the effect is super-saturated lashes with pure color intensity. Easily remove this game-changing mascara with a cotton pad and warm water – it’s never tough to take off. You will never need to rub or experience those dreaded raccoon eyes. This colored mascara is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens wearers. “

So does it live up to the claims? For the most part, yes. It is incredibly easy to apply. I really like the shape of the wand. The tapered end makes it super easy to get those little lashes hiding in the inner corner. While it is still a large wand, I really like it being a more tapered shape as opposed to the more hourglass-shaped ones we have been seeing on the market as of late.

The formula is quite unique. I feel like you get the most from it in just one coat. No clumps, just added volume and great length. I personally don’t like it with two coats, I find it does get a bit clumpy with no added benefit of more volume or length. This is what I would call just an easy mascara. I also experienced no flaky or smudging with this formula.

As for removal, I found it to be a bit harder than they say. Ideally, you would need micellar water or eye makeup remover to fully get it off. I find with warm water, it leaves quite a lot behind in the lashes. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me by any means because the formula is so long-wearing without being waterproof. I am not a fan of waterproof mascara as I find the formulas to flake into my eyes and hurt. This one doesn’t do that at all. It’s a very smooth formula if that makes sense, not chunky bits on the wand or your lashes.

The Demo

Before Application

One Coat

Two Coats

As you can see with two coats, things get a little spidery. Something about the one coat looks so nice to me. It’s one of those mascaras I like for no-makeup makeup days if you know what I mean. It is also great for blending your natural lashes with false lashes.

Another thing I really like about this formula is the pigmentation, I am wearing the shade black cherry in the photos and it gives just a hint of color without appearing colorful. I also have the purple shade which is fully bright purple and very opaque. It comes in a number of shades in fact, I would love to see more avant-garde shades in this formula like Colourpop. I know it would be a niche market but it would be nice to see as limited edition shades for seasons.

The Verdict

My verdict on this mascara is that I quite like it. It’s not quite like any others I have owned or tried save for the KVD formula. It doesn’t give you fluffy lashes like Lash Paradise or Lash Exhibitionist but I think it has its place in my beauty arsenal and on the market. It is something new for the drugstore and worth checking out.

The Maybelline Snapscara retails for $7.77 on and for $5.84 on

Shop here: Maybelline Snapscara on Amazon *affiate link*

Have you tried the Snapscara? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and what other mascaras would you like to see reviewed?

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