A Message

In the wake of Covid – 19 I know many of us are scared, in self isolation, quarantine and social distancing as much as possible. It can feel very lonely and worrisome. Anxieties are running high. In my state alone, we have more cases per capita and growing daily. Having this in mind and the seriousness of the situation, I still want to continue to produce beauty content. While it may feel trivial, it’s also an escape. It’s the moment of respite I need from reality and I think we could all use a mental break. A lot of my coming content is pre-filmed before the pandemic so it may seem somewhat out of touch. Hence, this message.
I hope all off you are staying safe out there and I am here for a chat if you need me. I just wish to take your mind off of everything for a few minutes and relax with my upcoming videos and that we can still feel a sense of normalcy.
I love ya’ll very much and thank you so much for the support. Stay safe. Stay Spooky. – Anna

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