Wet N Wild Megalast Stained Glass Review & Demo

Hello Guys and Ghouls. It’s been a while since writing an actual blog post and review. Life has been… a lot. Trying to find that work-life balance too. I have been focusing more on YouTube lately as well but my workload at the leather shop has let up a bit. I will talk more about all that and what has been going on in a devoted blog post. My goal now is to get at least one dedicated blog up a week. Not just sharing my videos.

Now on to the subject at hand, I was perusing the ol’ CVS when I stumbled upon these little lippies from Wet N Wild. Spoiler: They have already made it into a monthly favorite and I feel like they deserve to be talked about because these aren’t your average lip product.

I picked up two shades of the Mega Last Stained Glass Lip Gloss in Reflective Kisses and Handle with Care. Here’s the thing about shopping for these in-store. It’s quite hard to tell what the shade will look like on the lips because of the black ombre on the component. While it looks chic, it’s a pain in the butt. Also, my CVS has shit lighting. In the tube, these look like a terracotta and a mauve respectively. Not at all in application. but they are still really pretty and I was pleasantly surprised.

The Claims

Here’s what Wet N Wild has to say about the Mega Last Stained Glass Lip Gloss:

The first transfer-proof, kiss-proof lip gloss on the market that delivers up to 8 hours of wear time. The innovative formula combines the comfort and shine of a gloss with the lasting power of a stain. A blend of polymers in this stain delivers intense, vibrant color with zero transfer. Long-lasting, moisturizing formula provides mirror-like shine and intense glossy color that melts into the lips. Available in 6 Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, Vegan shades.

  • Buildable coverage, nourishing formula
  • Creamy, comfy, and lightweight all-day wear
  • Wont cake, feather or bleed
  • Combines the comfort and shine of a gloss with the lasting power of a stain

Okay, Let’s talk about these claims because they are not quite accurate in my opinion. These are not transfer-proof. They are transfer-resistant however after fresh applied they will transfer and as they wear over time they transform into a long-wearing stain which does last a long time. Very long time.

The glossy look lasts as long as a typical gloss would then “dries down” into a stain. You can of course layer them and build them up throughout the say. These are quite versatile in that sense. You can get a light application and pat it into the lips for a soft stained effect or you can build them up for vibrant color.

They are very comfortable and not sticky at all. The texture is really pleasant on the lips. It does indeed melt into the lips.

The pigmentation is shockingly vibrant. I was expecting much more muted shades but the look of the packaging but on the lips, they are bold, bright yet wearable for every day. I feel like once they are on the lips, the shades are quite similar at first but over time as they “melt” into the lips you can see the undertones of the shades and the differences.

The Shades and Swatches

In my swatches, I did a very full-on application to show the opacity, color vibrancy and shine.

As you can see, the shade have a very sublte various but as they wear down or melt the undertones are more pronounced.

The Verdict

Overall, I would say these are a great little lip product and worth a try. The overall wear time is fantastic. They are comfortable, so comfortable in fact that you forget you are even wearing them. They will last through a good meal even minus the shine which will fade as with a normal gloss.

The Mega Last Stained Glass Lip Gloss retail for around $5.99 depending on sales and where you shop and come in 7 shades.

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