Vlog 32 | Stressful Week. Mini Vacation. Grumpy Monologue.

Hey guys and ghouls. This week’s vlog isn’t the most exciting, we went on a mini-vacation and did some shopping but mostly it was a stressful and emotionally draining week,

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Kiss PR Unboxing. New Skincare & Mascara. Makeup Organizing. Shopping my Stash. Karaoke Night Out.

Hey yall, This week’s vlog is pretty chill. I do some organizing in the beauty studio, shop my stash, we take Pumpkin for a Pup cup, do some makeup and have a night out with some karaoke. There is a little clip of my husband singing my favorite Duran Duran song too. I also try…

Wavy Hair Refresh. Physical Therapy & Breast Health Update. GRWM Halloween! | Vlog 118

Hey yall. I know, another vlog but I’m a little behind so yeah. In this vlog we do a wavy hair refresh, talk about another nose injury, physical therapy updates, and my improvements. Also, I took a trip to my breast specialist for a mammogram and we discussed plans for a mastectomy and reconstruction in…


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