NO. 7 Lift & Luminate Powder Review

NO.7 Lift and Luminate Powder Review

Hello Guys and Ghouls,

Today, I have a quick little review of the No.7 Lift and Luminate Powder. I hear tale this is quite comparable to the much-coveted Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Powder. I can’t speak to that claim but I  can speak on the claims made by No.7 and how well this powder performs. Is this a hidden drugstore gem? I think so.

First, I want to talk about how beautifully presented this powder is. The compact is lovely and feels very prestige with its unique shape and mirrored finish.

The Claims

As far as what this powder claims to do, here is an excerpt from the No.7 website

Discover a new sensation in perfecting finishing powder. Achieve the appearance of perfect skin texture in an instant. This multi-tasking Lift & Luminate finishing powder seamlessly sets makeup while delivering 3 age-defying results: reducing the appearance of fine lines, evening out skin tone, and visibly smoothing the skin. Skin instantly appears flawless, as if airbrushed.

This powder helps to diffuse light and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, leaving skin looking visibly smoother.


So, does it live up to the claims? Yes. It really does blur and perfect the skin, minimizing the look of pores while not enhancing dryness or looking heavy on the skin. It’s weightless and soft in texture.

I love using this powder on days when I want to quickly set my face and under eyes or as a bluffing powder to marry complexion products together on full glam days. It just gives such a flawless finish to the skin.

The downside is the shade range which is incredibly limited. I believe the website only shows two shades. Abysmal. It’s 2020 and there is no excuse for a brand to not cater to all skin tones.  Considering what a beautiful product this is, it hurts to not be able to recommend it to everyone because of the shade range.  I have the light shade and does work well for my ghostly parlor which isn’t always the case, so there is that.

The Verdict

Damn good powder, shit shade range. I know No.7 isn’t primarily a makeup line but more skincare focused but all the makeup they have does include some form of skincare which I like. Think It Cosmetics (including the limited shade range) but at a higher range drugstore price point.

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