Urban Decay On the Run Mini in G Train Review & Looks

Hello Guys and Ghouls,

Today, I wanted to do a little review of the Urban Decay On the Run Mini Palette in G-Train, plus share some looks with you that I have done with the palette and any videos featuring it from my Youtube so you can see her in action.

G-Train was one of the minis at immediately caught my eye. If you have read my blog for a while or watch my videos, you know how I feel about green eyeshadow. I love it. This palette was the perfect addition to my green collection.

Hop on the G Train and head downtown with a mix of deep emeralds and shimmering night-life hues.

Urban Decay

G Train features some beautiful emerald green shades paired with warm brown mattes, a copper, antique green gold, and a pale gold.

The shades are presented in a variety of formulas and finishes, making the most of this curated collection. You have your classic matte formula from Urban Decay. I always say Urban Decay mattes are a trustworthy formula. Always well-performing and steady. You have their classic metallic formula and a transformer shade to add an extra touch of shimmer and shine. I personally can’t tell which is the “transformer” shade within this palette as they all read metallic, matte and one satin finish. I’m thinking City Kitty based on the slight sheerness of the shade. Otherwise all the shades are beautfully pigmented and on par with any Urban Decay eyeshadow.

The quality is there, and recently this palettes have been spotted for %50 off which makes the price point perfect, coming in around $12, regularly $25.

Overall, this is a great little curated palette for the green lover or someone looking to experiment with green eyeshadow but not sure how to incorperate it into a look. G Train takes the guess work out by givig you the perfect shades to create a handful of looks.

Speaking of looks. Here is a couple I have done with G Train below and videos using the palette.

Okay, and that is all for today. Don’t forget to Stay Spooky and Stay Safe.

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