Beginnings of a Bedroom Revamp.

Made in Sweden with Love

As some of you may know, I have been doing a Home Series over on my YouTube channel, It all started with decluttering my closet and has grown from there. A room I haven’t focused on much in the series yet is my bedroom. While I have been working a bit behind the scenes, I haven’t shared much about it. I have a vision that is going to take some time but in the meantime, I am working on making it a space I love and enjoying being in.

 One thing the room was lacking is wall art and by chance, a lovely company called Photowall reached out to me to see if I would like to work with them. They allowed me to have my pick from wallpapera poster, or a canvas print. I chose a canvas print. Going in I had a specific idea in mind on what I was looking for, I knew I wanted something in my color scheme which is black with hints of gold and cream. 

So, I did a little searching and looking through their collection from designers and found this print seen below by Martin Bergström called Nocturne from The Flora Hysteria II collection. The whole collection is stunning but this piece spoke to me. I am quite taken by the beauty of Scandinavia so having a little piece of it in my home is special. The flowers emerging from the darkness are breathtaking and just the artwork I was looking for.

Martin Bergström is a Swedish textile artist and fashion creator, educated in Stockholm and Berlin. He is known for his imaginative designs and creations, almost always containing motifs from the plant kingdom.


Already at the age of three, Martin Bergström knew The Nordic Flora by heart and the fascination for flowers has ever since been present and permeated Martin’s artistry. 

With a flora as a constant companion, botany has gilded Martin Bergström’s existence throughout his life. Martin uses refined scanning technology to combine his age-dried flowers from the 19th-century treasure chest with dozens of layers of color, and with emotional precision merges everything into dramatic works of art. 

Each flower is carefully selected and contrasts well with the exclusive background. There is an updated glow through all motifs in the collection, the motifs have gained substance and dynamic, and there is greater focus on the flowers and the details of the 


You can get the motifs as posters, wallpaper, or canvas. I love canvas prints so I went with that. It arrived safely with the canvas itself rolled up and protected and with the framing kit. No tool is needed! I was a little concerned about the assembly but it turned out to be quite a painless process. The quality of everything included was superb and user friendly.

Once we had the canvas together, I styled it above our chest. I am thinking about putting it on the opposite wall because it’s quite large and would fit the space nicely.

Nocturne By Martin Bergström

This canvas just brings the room together. Thank you to Photowall for gifting me this.

  Photowall is a Swedish company that carries a large selection of prints and motifs that can be customized for your space in a variety of sizes and mediums such as canvas, wallpapers, murals, framed art, or posters. I loved the curated collection from the designers like Martin Bergström. The Flora Hysteria collection is gorgeous and just my style. They offer a great variety of art styles, there is something for everyone. 

We have a carefully selected and diverse range of products. With passion and attention to detail, it is our pleasure to help you transform your home to reflect your personality.


Photowall was kind enough to provide ya’ll with a discount code as well. Use code annabankesterbb25 at check out for 25% of your purchase at Photowall

Thanks again to Photowall! I am in love.

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