Huda Beauty Empowerment Palette.

Hey yall. Today, we are taking a look at the Huda Beauty Empowerment palette. I just posted a First Impression and tutorial using it. I also did another tutorial for NYE you can check it out here, and linked the end of the post with my First Impressions Video.

The Huda Beauty Empowerment Palette retails for $67.00. Inside you have 18 shades including a mix of mattes, shimmers, metallics, and a new gel hybrid formula. Overall, the palette is warm in color but has some surprisingly very cool and neutral mattes mixed, giving it a unique edge.

This ultimate everyday palette is great for subtle to standout looks. The palette contains two ultra-pigmented hybrid eyeshadow-gel-creams; two mesmerizing shimmery metallics; two innovative wet metallics; two soft-shine metallic pearl shadows; and nine pigmented, velvety soft mattes.

PURPOSE (black hybrid gel liner shadow),

COURAGEOUS (multichromatic creamy metallic), This multichrome is a standout shade to me. It goes from purple, garnet to a golden green. It pairs beautifully with any of the mattes within the palette.

LIMITLESS (gold crushed flakes metallic),

CONFIDENT (brown velvety matte),

CHARISMA (pure Gold wet metallic),

KEEP GOING (latte brown velvety matte),

BIG DREAMS (purply grey velvety matte),

MANIFEST IT! (copper gloss hybrid metallic),

BOLD MOVES! (white gold and true gold metallic speckles),

DO IT! (copper metallic), POWER (beige velvety matte),

GET IT! (soft orange suede matte),

WORTHY (deep brown hybrid gel liner shadow),

REBEL (burnt nude velvety matte),

WINNER (cool grey velvety matte),

VISIONARY (bold and brown marble),

BEST-SELF (peachy velvety matte), LEGACY (warm brown velvety matte)

I am personally very much enjoying this palette. I feel the quality is the best yet from Huda. This is very much a full glam palette in my opinion and perfect for nights out.

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