Welcome to Bee Beauty

 Bee Beauty is a blog devoted primarily to all things make up, with tutorials, product reviews, look books, new trends and much more. You’ll also find lifestyle articles, plus-sized fashion, pop culture, technology trends, interior design and even some humor!

   I’m Anna Bankester, a homemaker, freelance makeup artist, and blogger with a passion for cosmetology. I’ve loved makeup, hair and fashion for as long as I can remember. In the last couple of years I discovered the extensive online community devoted to just that and I decided I needed to become a part of it,  I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of cosmetology with everyone so why not put it to good use here?

I have a background in art, interior design, graphic design, writing, but my true love is cosmetology.

 photo siggy_zpsyjnnatbqx1t_zpsxthlwebn.jpg

influnenster-Anna photo ll_zps217uuyuf.jpg

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  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. I see we have similar backgrounds in the fine arts. 😉 You look great here, and good luck on your 30 days of lipstick challenge. May it help you to either purge or find holes in your colour library 😛


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