Time for some Fall Glam. GRWM feat. Melt Gemini II

Hey yall, today we are doing some fall glam! It's the most wonderful time of the year. https://youtu.be/UBdmlmsX_K8

Wavy/Curly Hair Update. Pumpkin Fashion Show. Physical Therapy. Clerks 3. Vlog 114

Happy Monday. Today, I have a pretty chill vlog. We talk about some of my wavy curly progress, Pumpkin shows off her new Halloween outfits, I had my first week of physical therapy, and we went and saw Clerks 3. https://youtu.be/lLDJBYOo5O4

Wavy/Curly Hair Journey. Scoliosis & Spondylosis. Target Trip. Halloween Shopping. | Vlog 113

Hey yall, This week we are working on living our best wavy curly life and failing. I get some x-days and answers about my lower back pain. We take a little trip to Target and Micheals for some Halloween fun and hair products. Also, there is new skincare as per usual. https://youtu.be/aq5eeg6rljM