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Glasses Collection 2020 | Anna Bankester

Hello Guys and Ghouls. Today, I have a video all about my glasses collection, including sunglasses and Rx Glasses. This video also features an awesome pair gifted to me from Ublins. I hope you guys enjoy my newest obsession!

Vlog 21 | 4th Wedding Anniversary. Spoiling Pumpkin. Bands.

Going up on a Wednesday due to technical issues but up none the less. This is actually like two weeks’ worth of vlog footage. We had delicious foods, celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary, spoiled Pumpkin and saw a few badass bands. So grab and coffee and let’s hang out for

Makeup of the Day | June 1st – June 4th, 2018 – Date Night, Dinner and Drinks, and Where Have I Been?

Feels good to be back to blogging and makeup! I took a couple of weeks off  (more on that later) but I’m back in business. Let’s kick this week off with a MOTD from last weekend. My husband and I had a date night after a stressful couple of weeks

Makeup of the Day | May 2nd – May 5th, 2018 – Riverfete and Cut Creases.

Good Afternoon, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did for sure and I have a few pictures, a MOTD and an OOTD to share with ya’ll today.  I meant to get this up Monday but yesterday was a complete fail. It consisted of me just trying to stay

Glam on the Go! Tips + Looks

Hello, Beauties! Dear Dharma asked if I would like to do another post with some more beauty advice so here we are.  Dear Dharma is an online advice column, so if you got questions, she got answers. You can check out Dear Dharma here for more. In today’s post, I

Spring 2017 Mood Board

Good Morning! Currently, I am still recovering from the weekend, it was a long one and your girl needed a break from being a functioning human for a couple days. So, I decided to share a Mood Board I made over on Pinterest for Spring 2017. ETA: Here’s a link

Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | February 27th – March 5th, 2017

Good Evening/Morning, It’s Monday, well it was when I started writing… Anyway, Monday means I have my weekly roundup post. I was calling these “Last Week in Picture. Life + Makeup” but that was just too long so Monday posts have a new name, “Bee Beauty Weekly Edit”. What yall