Kidney Stones. Trying New Hair Stylers. Toning My Hair. A Good Wash Day. | Vlog 116

Hey yall, Welcome to a new vlog. We had a stressful week with kidney stones and ER trips so this is a long one because I have a lot to chat about and we are testing out a bunch of new hair products to tone my hair and style it. I also have a first…

Wavy/Curly Hair Journey. Scoliosis & Spondylosis. Target Trip. Halloween Shopping. | Vlog 113

Hey yall, This week we are working on living our best wavy curly life and failing. I get some x-days and answers about my lower back pain. We take a little trip to Target and Micheals for some Halloween fun and hair products. Also, there is new skincare as per usual.

Drugstore Favorites. Ep. 1 | Haircare

Hey yall, Today, I am starting a new series all about my favorite products that are not only from a lower price point but easy to pick up at the store while you're running errands or placing an amazon order. I'm starting off with haircare in this episode.

2020 Favorites – Hair Products & Tools

Hey ghouls, Today I have my favorite hair care products and tools for 2020. I have listed everything here and where to buy below. We go into hella detail in the video on why I love each product and how the made they cut this year, plus demos on how I use them. Dove…

Dyeing my Hair – Overtone Pastel Silver on Dark Blonde Hair as Toner.

Hey guys and ghoulfriends, Today, I am going to try and tone my hair with Overtone Pastel Silver to hopefully give my hair a silvery sheen and cancel out all the brassy tones.