Wavy/Curly Hair Update. Pumpkin Fashion Show. Physical Therapy. Clerks 3. Vlog 114

Happy Monday. Today, I have a pretty chill vlog. We talk about some of my wavy curly progress, Pumpkin shows off her new Halloween outfits, I had my first week of physical therapy, and we went and saw Clerks 3. https://youtu.be/lLDJBYOo5O4

Sephora, Coloured Raine & Walgreens Haul. New Hair Cream. Sci-fi Talk. Current Skincare | Vlog 111

Hey yall! This week we have a new makeup haul, lots of chit-chat, and some science fiction talk. We also test out a new styling cream from Colleen Rothchild. https://youtu.be/lCb6wduKFkU

Sweet Pumpkin Cuddles. Chronic Pain Talk. Testing New Makeup. Cook & Clean with Me. Sugar Steak.

Hey yall, Been a busy little week over here so I'm late posting. In this vlog, there is lots of cute little pumpkin sillies, chronic lower back pain talk, cleaning the kitchen, and cooking sugar steak. I also discover I am a fan of the sleek bun look. https://youtu.be/YKTEwNl9KJI