Vlog 126 | New Tattoo. Birthday Fun. Sunday Reset.

https://youtu.be/z9uh2JMIlUY Carolyn's Creations https://carolynscreations.art/

Kidney Stones. Trying New Hair Stylers. Toning My Hair. A Good Wash Day. | Vlog 116

Hey yall, Welcome to a new vlog. We had a stressful week with kidney stones and ER trips so this is a long one because I have a lot to chat about and we are testing out a bunch of new hair products to tone my hair and style it. I also have a first…

Wavy/Curly Hair Update. Pumpkin Fashion Show. Physical Therapy. Clerks 3. Vlog 114

Happy Monday. Today, I have a pretty chill vlog. We talk about some of my wavy curly progress, Pumpkin shows off her new Halloween outfits, I had my first week of physical therapy, and we went and saw Clerks 3. https://youtu.be/lLDJBYOo5O4