Clean and Organize with Me. Vlog 103

In this vlog, we clean out various drawers in the bedroom and dust all the surfaces. We also tackle some dishes and talk about a new blush.

Creating a Morning Routine. Setting Goals. Mini elf Haul. Basil Steak. | Vlog 99

Hey yall. In this week's vlog, we are talking about setting goals for ourselves that are small and attainable as well as creating a morning routine. We are just trying to get it together over here. Also in this vlog is a mini elf haul and I cook basil steak.

Testing New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. New in Haircare & Hair Styling Routine. Makeup Shop my Stash

Hey yall, this week was off to a rocky start but we get it together. I try out my new phone, the S22 Ultra. We go to Outback for science. I show you my new favorite hair care products and how I style my hair. We also do some Shop my Stash action and organize…

Target Haul. Hair Cut. Espresso Machine. Late St. Pats Party. New in Makeup & Skincare | Vlog 97

In this week's edition my dumb little life we are going shopping at Target (surprise surprise) getting an expresso machine and figuring out how to use it as well as celebrating a late St. Pats. We also check out some new makeup and skincare.

Vlog 55 | GRWM. Catching up. AMAZING NEWS. Winter Storm Footage. Food Talk

Hey Ghouls Today's vlog is a little different. It's a Get Ready with Me meets Vlog with footage overlayed and we just hang out and chat about what's been going on.