Capsule Wardrobe | Fall 2020

Hey Ghouls, Today, I have my first capsule wardrobe video in hopes of building a seasonal series around this concept. This one might be a little rough on the edges but here she is. In this video, I will be showing you my paired down and curated wardrobe for fall.

The Home Series – Episode 9 | The Studio & Office pt. 1

Hello guys and ghouls, Today, we are tackling the studio, this is where I film and do my videos, do my makeup and work for the most part. In this episode, we are cleaning, organizing and getting everything set up

Vlog 39 | Dinner with Friends & Hurricane Laura

Hello Guys and Ghouls, Been a minute, I needed to take some time after the hurricane to gather myself a bit and of course have electricity. This vlog will be different due to that, more just footage than anything. I don't go into a whole lot of detail over everything in this video but I…