Weekly Recap

https://youtu.be/XCYFjllVxjw https://youtu.be/-9Gp3Gw1_5Y

The Home Series – Episode 8 | The Kitchen Declutter, Deep Clean and Reorganize

Hello Guys and Ghouls, I have finally finished editing my kitchen deep clean, declutter, and reorganize video. I think it took me longer to edit than to actually film. Technical issues. Anyway, this is the 8th episode in The Home Series! https://youtu.be/XCYFjllVxjw

Beloved Beauty & Endeared Moments | Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites May – June 2020

Hello and Happy Monday Guys and Ghouls, Today is a favorites video! https://youtu.be/-9Gp3Gw1_5Y

Vlog 33 pt 1&2

Vlog 33 Part 1 - Lots of Pizza. Filming/Editing Talk. Grilling. Mani/Pedi. https://youtu.be/BvbFjPiGvY8 This week's vlog is a long one, divided into two parts. In part one we catch up on life and chat about learning new editing tricks plus some tech talk. We do some cooking and grilling. Have an exciting Friday night doing…