Huda Beauty Empowerment Palette.

Hey yall. Today, we are taking a look at the Huda Beauty Empowerment palette. I just posted a First Impression and tutorial using it. I also did another tutorial for NYE you can check it out here, and linked the end of the post with my First Impressions Video. The Huda Beauty Empowerment Palette retails…

Drugstore Favorites. Ep. 1 | Haircare

Hey yall, Today, I am starting a new series all about my favorite products that are not only from a lower price point but easy to pick up at the store while you're running errands or placing an amazon order. I'm starting off with haircare in this episode.

Testing New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. New in Haircare & Hair Styling Routine. Makeup Shop my Stash

Hey yall, this week was off to a rocky start but we get it together. I try out my new phone, the S22 Ultra. We go to Outback for science. I show you my new favorite hair care products and how I style my hair. We also do some Shop my Stash action and organize…

Productive Vlog. Kitchen Clean Up & Organizing. New Hair Color & Beauty Reset. Mardi Gras. | Vlog 94

In this week's vlog, I take you through my productive Sunday and Monday of cleaning the kitchen and doing some organization. Then we move into a beauty reset with new hair color and test out a new self-tanner. We also celebrate Mardi Gras and have a movie night.

Trying Old & New Favorites from Marc Jacobs Beauty

Trying Old & New Favorites from Marc Jacobs Beauty

Hey yall, Today we are playing with some of my old favorites from Marc Jacobs Beauty and trying out some makeup products that are new to my collection. Trying Old & New Favorites from Marc Jacobs BeautyTrying Old & New Favorites from Marc Jacobs BeautyTrying Old & New Favorites from Marc Jacobs Beauty