Weekly Recap

https://youtu.be/XCYFjllVxjw https://youtu.be/-9Gp3Gw1_5Y

Beloved Beauty & Endeared Moments | Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites May – June 2020

Hello and Happy Monday Guys and Ghouls, Today is a favorites video! https://youtu.be/-9Gp3Gw1_5Y

Beloved Beauty & Endeared Moments | Bi-Monthly Favorites.

Hey guys and ghouls. I'm back!!! Today, I have my recent favorite products and a little introspection. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/3oRBFBVyhag

Makeup of the Day | March 30th – April 2nd, 2018. – Bar, Benefit and Monthly Favorites

Hello, beauties, a new week and a new month. Any new goals? I have a couple MOTD's to share, what I got up to last weekend and a few favorites, let's jump in. First look up, I have no memory of what or why I did makeup on this day, TBH. I think Ross and…

Bee Beauty | Weekly Edit | September 4th – October 8th 2017

Hello beauties, It's about time I did a Weekly Update. This is more like a monthly update. If you have been around here you saw I had some mini updates. A lot has been going on and not much to do with makeup or fun so I didn't really have too many MOTD's or lifestyle stuff…