GRWM Breakfast Date with Minimal Makeup. New in: Drunk Elephant. New Nighttime Skincare Hey yall. In this vlog, we are getting ready for a breakfast date with some super minimal makeup. Also, testing out some new skincare from Drunk Elephant and changing up the nighttime skincare ritual. Stay tuned for Punpkin spam at the end!

All the Self Care. Breast MRI/Exam. Prophylactic Mastectomy. Updated Morning Routine | Vlog 101

Hey yall, this week's vlog is a little different, mostly just random clips and voice-over while we chat about some self-care, getting a breast MRI and exam, and planning for a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction. Plus, an updated morning routine.

Creating a Morning Routine. Setting Goals. Mini elf Haul. Basil Steak. | Vlog 99

Hey yall. In this week's vlog, we are talking about setting goals for ourselves that are small and attainable as well as creating a morning routine. We are just trying to get it together over here. Also in this vlog is a mini elf haul and I cook basil steak.

Testing New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. New in Haircare & Hair Styling Routine. Makeup Shop my Stash

Hey yall, this week was off to a rocky start but we get it together. I try out my new phone, the S22 Ultra. We go to Outback for science. I show you my new favorite hair care products and how I style my hair. We also do some Shop my Stash action and organize…