All the Self Care. Breast MRI/Exam. Prophylactic Mastectomy. Updated Morning Routine | Vlog 101

Hey yall, this week's vlog is a little different, mostly just random clips and voice-over while we chat about some self-care, getting a breast MRI and exam, and planning for a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction. Plus, an updated morning routine.

Creating a Morning Routine. Setting Goals. Mini elf Haul. Basil Steak. | Vlog 99

Hey yall. In this week's vlog, we are talking about setting goals for ourselves that are small and attainable as well as creating a morning routine. We are just trying to get it together over here. Also in this vlog is a mini elf haul and I cook basil steak.

Testing New Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. New in Haircare & Hair Styling Routine. Makeup Shop my Stash

Hey yall, this week was off to a rocky start but we get it together. I try out my new phone, the S22 Ultra. We go to Outback for science. I show you my new favorite hair care products and how I style my hair. We also do some Shop my Stash action and organize…