Vlog 48 | Decorating for Christmas. Nachos. Holiday Shopping

Hey Ghouls, I'm back to vlogging after a little break. Time to get ready for the holidays. https://youtu.be/d7ILKlRLoBc

Vlog 44 | Hurricane Delta. Spooky Sock Haul. Cajun Cooking. Movie Night.

Hey ghouls, Another week, another vlog. In this one, we sit tight through hurricane delta and count our blessings. Buy some spooky socks, have a movie night, and cook a ton of food. https://youtu.be/MfLPmyODX6c

Vlog 17 | Lost Footage. Learning Adobe Premiere. Halloween Decorating. Makeup Talk

Not the most exciting vlog in the world. I lost all my footage for last week, unfortunately. This week I taught myself to use Adobe Premiere, however, and things are going well. I got the house decorated for Halloween too. In the vlog we mostly just chit chat about random things and of course makeup.…