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25 Days of Makeup – Day 24 + 25 – Cut Crease Christmas Makeup

  Finally, Last day of the 25 Days of Makeup! I combined 24 and 25 into one post showing how I created my Christmas Eve ┬ácut crease makeup. I’m a bit late posting, been pretty busy with the holiday get togethers and friend time… and repeat viewings of Star Wars.

25 Days of Makeup – Day 24 – Bare Essentials

Bare essential makeup for me the few things I always take a second to so before leaving the house just to run errands or hang out with the girls. It’s the every day “ain’t nobody got time fo dat” makeup.

25 Days of Makeup – Day 22 – Unconventional Lips

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25 Days of Makeup – Day 21 – Ice Princess feat. Too Faced

  For today’s look, I wanted to do something a little less cliche than frosty blue tones and silvers one would normally think of when doing an Ice Princess look. I decided to use some of my favorite colors for Christmas instead that still have an icy feel. On the

25 Days of Makeup – Day 20 – 1960

  My 1960’s inspired look. I thought about what my mom said she wore, and how she did her makeup in the 1960’s when she was in high school. She was really into British fashion, and mod style. So I took a bit of her and a bit of Megan