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25 Days of Makeup – Day 6 – Holy Grail Products

Day 6. Holy Grail Products. Let’s jump in.

25 Days of Makeup – Day 3 – Use One Shadow Color

Day 3 is use one eyeshadow shade in a look. I thought the best way to make it interesting would be to use a really cool duo chrome. One that changes shades as it’s blended out. I love how the pigment I used has a warm brown base and flash

25 Days of Christmas – Day 2 – Gothic Look

Day 2 of 25 Days of Christmas is a Gothic look. Odd choice for a Christmas countdown but it suits me fine.I decided to do my classic goth look I do on a fairly regular basis. I call it Southern Gothic. I was actually planning to do this look for

25 Days of Makeup! Day 1

Okay, I’m going to attempt the 25 Days of Makeup Challenge this month for Christmas. Blogmas, if you will. Wish me luck!

30 Days of Lipstick – Conclusion

Day 1. MAC – Nose for Style Day 2. MAC – ┬áViva Glam II Day 3. Makeup forever – Natural

30 Days of Lipstick – Day 30!

30 Days of Lipstick – Day 29