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Vlog 33 pt 1&2

Vlog 33 Part 1 – Lots of Pizza. Filming/Editing Talk. Grilling. Mani/Pedi. This week’s vlog is a long one, divided into two parts. In part one we catch up on life and chat about learning new editing tricks plus some tech talk. We do some cooking and grilling. Have an

Vlog 32 | Stressful Week. Mini Vacation. Grumpy Monologue.

Hey guys and ghouls. This week’s vlog isn’t the most exciting, we went on a mini-vacation and did some shopping but mostly it was a stressful and emotionally draining week,

The Home Series | Episode 7 – Coffee Nook

Hello guys and ghouls. Today, we are cleaning and organizing the coffee nook!

Beloved Beauty & Endeared Moments | Bi-Monthly Favorites.

Hey guys and ghouls. I’m back!!! Today, I have my recent favorite products and a little introspection. Enjoy.

The Home Series | Episode 2 – Shoe and Handbag Declutter

Hey guys and ghouls… and all you cool cats. Today is the 2nd episode of my Home Series. We are tackling shoes and handbags.