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Vlog 15 – Bad Hair Cut turned Good. Roller Derby Bout. GRWM. Pack with Me.

This week’s vlog is a little all over the place at first with lot’s of Pumpkin and me fussing about my bad hair cut. Later there is a GRWM/Pack with Me while we talk about why I haven’t vlogged in a couple of weeks. Then it’s off to the in-laws,

Vlog #11 | Water Leaks. Mini Home Tour. Food. Friends. Dead Malls. Pumpkin. MOTDs. OOTDs.

We hit a milestone over on the YouTubes! 100 Subs! This week was full of ups and downs. From deep talk and deep thoughts to water leaks. Thankfully, the week ended on a high with good food, shopping and exploring a local dead mall with great friends. Seriously, so much

Vlog #10 + Makeup Looks| Feeling so much better. Trip to Pet-smart with Pumpkin. New Manicure. | Anna Bankester

Can you believe I have been doing YouTube for 10 weeks now! I am impressed with myself and proud of myself for keeping it up. In this vlog, I finally rejoin society and feel like a human again. 4 weeks no alcohol or nicotine and I am feeling so much

Vlog #7 | New Smile. Makeup. Shopping. Mini Haul.

Just a quick post to let ya’ll know I posted a new vlog on my YouTube. I am taking it kind of easy this week as I am feeling under the weather. Here is a look from last week and my video below.

Vlog #6 | Night out. Teeth Trouble. Adulting. Playing with the Pupper

Sorry, no Makeup of the Day this week. We had a busy weekend and Monday, then today I was feeling under the weather. Anyway, I got my latest Vlog up this morning. On a super awesome note. I got my permanent teeth! You have no idea how amazing it feels

GRWM | Starting YouTube, How I got into Makeup and Shopping my Stash

I just posted a video over on YouTube hanging out and getting ready to film my Pack with Me Video. I talk all about why I started a YouTube Channel, How I got into makeup and shopping my stash. I decided to use some products I haven’t used in a

Makeup of the Day + Vlog #5 | Hangovers. Dental Disappointments. New Hair. Paranormal Cirque. Manicures.

Good Evening. Last week was pretty busy and today isn’t slowing up. I have a makeup look to share that I wore to a Paranormal Cirque, new hair and a few other fun things to share on here. I also just posted a new Vlog with everything I got up