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What’s inside my $1000 Sephora Fantasy Cart

Hey Guys and Ghouls, Today, I have a tag video. The What’s inside my $1000 Sephora Fantasy Cart. This tag was started by the wonderful Emily Noel.

Top 10 Under $10 Makeup

Top 10 Under $10 by annabankesterbeautyblogger  Finally, a new post! Seems like it’s been forever. I’ve had a couple of super busy/rough weeks with moving in a new roommate and losing my Uncle last week. When I did have free time, I was just plain to exhausted to even think

Full Face Highlighter Challenge!

  All aboard the makeup wagon! Toot toot! Jumping right on the makeup challenge train, I decided I had to do the Full Face Highlighter Challenge too after seeing Nikki Tutorials and Jeffree Star’s videos on it. The original video that started it all was by Mariya then turned into

What’s in my bag? Travel Edition!

What the heck is in the suitcase I call a handbag? A lot recently since I have been traveling a bit. So  it’s time to clean this big boy out and get organized. If you want to see all the crap I have been toting around with me for the

25 Days of Makeup – Day 5 – All Gold Everything

  Posting a little late today, had a busy weekend so far. Being the weirdo I am I decided to do two looks for today because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do other than use champagne gold. I was really feeling the champagne gold shade in a  Gel