Vlog 41 | Taco Bake. Mini Haul. Pool Day. Lots of Dinners. Nighttime Skincare.

Hey guys and ghouls, Another week, another vlog. This week I show you how I make my taco bake, a few new goodies, lots of yummy food, and a day at the pool. https://youtu.be/Gy50TzQrcb8

Vlog 40 pt 1 | GRWM Life Update. Cleaning. Books and Music Loves. Bathroom Organization

Hello Guys and Ghouls Part one of this week's vlog is mostly catching up on life and talking about some panic/anxiety issues, but we also talk about music I am loving and books. Also, some Pumpkin cuteness, kitchen cleaning, and a new bathroom organizer. Pt.2 coming tomorrow! https://youtu.be/di2D1G0XlzE

Vlog 39 | Dinner with Friends & Hurricane Laura

Hello Guys and Ghouls, Been a minute, I needed to take some time after the hurricane to gather myself a bit and of course have electricity. This vlog will be different due to that, more just footage than anything. I don't go into a whole lot of detail over everything in this video but I…