New Makeup from Colleen Rothchild. Testing out New Curly Hair Products. Kidney Stones pt 2. Vlog 117 Hey yall. Late vlog and a long one because oh boy... In this vlog, we are trying out some new makeup from Colleen Rothchild and some new hair products on my waves including the legendary Denman Brush. Then the kidney stone struck back with a vengeance and it was straight to the Emergency Room…

Kidney Stones. Trying New Hair Stylers. Toning My Hair. A Good Wash Day. | Vlog 116

Hey yall, Welcome to a new vlog. We had a stressful week with kidney stones and ER trips so this is a long one because I have a lot to chat about and we are testing out a bunch of new hair products to tone my hair and style it. I also have a first…

Wavy/Curly Hair Update. Pumpkin Fashion Show. Physical Therapy. Clerks 3. Vlog 114

Happy Monday. Today, I have a pretty chill vlog. We talk about some of my wavy curly progress, Pumpkin shows off her new Halloween outfits, I had my first week of physical therapy, and we went and saw Clerks 3.

Wavy/Curly Hair Journey. Scoliosis & Spondylosis. Target Trip. Halloween Shopping. | Vlog 113

Hey yall, This week we are working on living our best wavy curly life and failing. I get some x-days and answers about my lower back pain. We take a little trip to Target and Micheals for some Halloween fun and hair products. Also, there is new skincare as per usual.

Sephora, Coloured Raine & Walgreens Haul. New Hair Cream. Sci-fi Talk. Current Skincare | Vlog 111

Hey yall! This week we have a new makeup haul, lots of chit-chat, and some science fiction talk. We also test out a new styling cream from Colleen Rothchild.