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Wedding Makeup Tutorial + Tips and Tricks

Good Evening. Getting a late start again today. I’m trying to get my sleep cycle back to normal. I feel so unproductive when it’s backward. Why is so easy to stay up all night and sleep all day? Sigh Anyway, in today’s post I’m going to show you have I

Wedding Shower – Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday was my wedding shower and Bachelorette/Bachelor party. My BFF Brooke threw it with the help of all my other girls at our local bar. The owner who is also a very good friend opened early for us for the wedding shower part then rolled into the Bachelor/Bachelorette party

Engagement Photographs – Wedding Series

I wanted to share my engagement photos with ya’ll today, and tell you a bit about our experience. Firstly, I got super lucky finding an excellent photographer who also didn’t charge an arm and a leg. I spent a week getting quotes and recommendations. I have to say the prices

What have I been up to – Wedding Series

The last couple of weeks has been pretty hectic. Here’s a glimpse of what I have been working on and the mess that came along with it. And there is still plenty left to do, Thank goodness for Chandra this last couple week. She’s been a lifesaver with her mad

Progress Report – Wedding Series

Here we are, just under a month left until the big day. So much done, so much left to do. My home is overrun with wedding decor. I’ve got candles, ribbon, and flowers for days. Mostly thanks to our officiant, she had tons of candles from a previous wedding as

Bridal Hair – Wedding Series

Here’e some hair style ideas I’ve gathered up. I’m leaning toward the half up / half down style. 

Bridal Jewelry – Wedding Series

 I finally purchased my Bridal Jewelry.  I decided to go classic with pearls. It’s what I’ve always pictured wearing on my wedding day. I think they compliment my dress perfectly. I think I did a decent job sticking to my inspiration. A few important things to remember while selecting your